Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ooh, I haven't been here before!

A very nice Troll mage named Baju ported me to Stonard so I could ask around after Cal. Wasn't that kind of him?

*sigh* Still no sign of my brother, but I did buy a couple of recipes that I think Calvinn and Jhenova will like.

...where can he be?!


Andy C. said...

There's some new undead guys hanging out over Light's Hope Chapel. Have you talked to them to see if they've seen your brother?

Melindrava said...

New undead? Light's Hope Chapel? Ooh, just let me check this map...


Eastern Plaguelands.


I'm a long way from being strong enough to go there, and if Calindrava is there... well, last I knew he was getting tougher than me despite being younger (warlocks do that, it's irritating!) but he was nowhere near strong enough to head there himself.


If you know anybody who's going to be heading out that way, could you ask them to keep an eye out? Please?

Andy C. said...

Will do. Good luck in the continuing search.

Kharbrydis said...

Have you thought about interrogating some of those scarlet goons that hang around Tirisfall? They might be able to point you in the right direction.

(ooc): I found your blog through Ratshag@ Need More Rage. Any chance your guild is recruiting? I'm new to Thorium Brotherhood. Look me up in game or send me a letter. Names Kharbrydis, boney butt rogue.

Melindrava said...

Thank you for the suggestion, Kharbrydis, I'll... hmm. I don't speak Common any more! It's a little hard to interrogate someone when I can't understand them and, for all I know, they might be hearing my words as "ghlaar ghaaarrlll ghlarrgh" like dear Galertruby says.


Well, at least one Alliance type has commented here on my diary, so I think I still write in Common. Interrogation by notes is a little trickier, but doable I'm sure, and you never know; I might meet Melissa again, I'm sure she'll cooperate better. Thank you for the suggestion!

(OOC): You can certainly join "the Undying" if you want, but it's a vanity guild - all me! - so no help and practically no guildchat, even. Given that my playschedule is extremely, uhm, erratic, just being online at the same time to do a /ginvite could be problematic! :) I'm willing to give it a try if you are, though.

Ginunngagap said...

Melmelmelly! I gots a cuzin called Pretty Suzy said she seened him! She were at Lites Hope Thingy wen he wos.
He mus'be funny lock--she say he in plate.

Andy C. said...

Managed to find him running around Orgrimmar yet? He might be hiding in the Outland after finding out you were looking for him...